Parking Signs

  • Parking lot sign
    Parking lot sign, requires payment during the hours listed
  • Get parking tickets here
    Get parking tickets here
  • Parking place reserved for women
    Parking place reserved for women
  • No parking fire zone
    No parking fire zone, special permit required
  • Parking sign
    Parking sign indicates that spaces to the right are only available for one hour between 7:00am to 7:00pm weekdays, the "Parkuhr" symbol indicates that patrons must leave a special card on their dashboard indicating the time when their one hour is up
  • More parking spaces to the left
    Second sign indicates more parking spaces to the left
  • Sign for parking garages
    Sign for parking garages—from top: parking garage near train station, garage near Copper Hill terrace, and garage on Trajanstraße (street name) near the Dorint hotel
  • Parking available
    Second sign indicates parking available for many different types of vehicles