Road Signs

  • One way street
    One way street
  • One way street
    One way street, but bicycle traffic goes both ways
  • Do not enter
    Do not enter sign, but bicycles may enter
  • Only residents
    Only residents may drive on this street
  • Exit sign
    Exit this way
  • Do not obstruct the exit
    Warning to keep the driveway or exit unobstructed
  • Various signs
    First photo has various signs indicating (from top) yield, tourist information, be careful of pedestrians when turning right
  • No parking
    The second sign indicates no parking along the street
  • 30 kilometer speed limit
    30 kilometer speed limit; in the second photo, the sign on the left with the double red cross indicates no stopping at all
  • Do not stop
    The sign on the right with one red line indicates that one may stop briefly but not park, the hours listed below each sign indicate the rules are in effect during those hours only
  • Right of way
    Sign at a crossroad indicating the driver on the main road has the right of way ahead of those on the cross street
  • Street names signs
    Street sign on a traffic light