Parking Signs, Passes, and Instructions

  • This meter or machine dispenses parking slips to put in the windshield of the car.

  • Parking pass. 99/01/07 means that it is valid on 7 January 1999 and 12:33 means that it expires at 12:33 pm. The pass should be placed in the windshield.

  • Instructions on the machine indicate one can pay by cash or credit card.

  • Close-up of parking dispenser instructions

  • A sign that says "Parking Passes Available Here"

  • A Road Sign Indicating Parking Straight Ahead

  • Sign indicates that prepurchased parking passes are required to park here Monday through Friday from 8 until 5. The passes are available at stores, gas stations and street dispensers.

  • Sign indicates metered parking Monday through Friday from 8 to 6 and Saturday from 8 to noon. The bottom line tell the driver to pay the meter.